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Elongated Skulls


Are 300+ elongated skulls – discovered in 1928 inside ancient tombs at Paracas, near Peru’s southern coast – the remains of extraterrestrial beings?


The quick, convenient answer is no.  Many elongated skulls found in different parts of the world appear simply to be the result of intentional cranial deformation (head binding), a known practice within certain cultures.




Researchers like L. A. Marzulli and Brien Foerster have pointed out other differences between the 2,000-year-old Paracas skulls and normal human skulls that are not attributable to cranial deformation: (1) The foramen magnum (the hole through which the spinal cord passes) is smaller and located much farther to the back of the skull; (2) cranial capacity is much larger; (3) cheekbones and teeth are more robust; (4) eye sockets are much larger; (5) bone density is higher; and (6) there is no sagittal suture (a connective tissue joint between the two parietal bones).  Further, skulls found with complete skeletons reveal people who were roughly 6 feet in height – much taller than the human race at the time (and not just because of their elongated skulls), and indeed taller on average than Peruvians today.


Most surprisingly, DNA tests from three separate laboratories have shown genetic links to the Middle East and Europe, and no links at all to the Americas.  Indeed, many Paracas skulls contain samples of red or blonde hair, common in the Middle East and Europe but unknown in the ancient Americas.


Marzulli believes the above findings are consistent with his long-standing hypothesis that the Paracas people are the Nephilim, whom the Bible describes as the offspring of fallen angels and earthly women, and who were presumably based in the part of the world identified in the Paracas DNA.


Nephilim, shmephilim,” say the debunkheads, who, in typical debunkhead fashion, lash out at Marzulli and Foerster and label them pseudo-scientific hucksters eager to generate quick PR and sell books.  They claim the DNA testing failed to observe strict scientific standards and may have involved contaminated samples.  Marzulli’s response: If you do not trust our results, do you own DNA testing and then let’s talk.  Fair enough.  Nearly everyone agrees research on the Paracas skulls is still at an early stage and more testing is needed.

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