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The Great Flood


Maybe it is just a coincidence.  Maybe cultures all around the world just cooked up the same exact fairy tale about a great flood that occurred long ago.


Or maybe it really happened.  Maybe there really was a huge flood.  And we are not just talking about the Johnstown Flood, either – we are talking about a genuinely cataclysmic flood that affected the entire planet.


Imagine a global warming event that is so extreme and melts so much ice that the oceans rise 400 feet.  That would certainly cause a worldwide flood, would it not?  Well, such an event really happened.  It was called the end of the Ice Age.


Genesis 7:11 describes the great flood.  Not only did rain fall from the sky, but “all the springs of the great deep burst forth.”  Would this not aptly describe the rising of the oceans after massive global warming?  When every ocean on the planet rises 400 feet, a lot of land disappears, and a lot of people and animals die.  And if there are flourishing civilizations, they disappear too.


Authors like Graham Hancock and others claim advanced civilizations existed more than 10,000 years ago, and that ancient floods wiped them out.  Perhaps there really was such a place as Atlantis, or a lost continent of Mu.  And perhaps the flood survivors, wherever in the world they were located, passed the story on from generation to generation through the centuries.


At some point, scientists might find the remains of great ancient cities beneath the oceans, or a wooden ark buried under the snow atop the mountains of Ararat.  Until then, however, all we can do is read the stories of old and ponder the possibility of what the end of the Ice Age might have brought.


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